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2019 is on a roll!

On January 4, David and the Titans bid farewell to longtime guitarist, Jeremiah Rawling. We had a great show with The Quarkscrews at the Hilltop Pub, helping a bevy of beauties celebrate their January birthdays.

In the meantime, David recruited not one, but two(!) guitarists to join the Titans! The additional instrument will allow us to more fully explore the lush layers off David’s recordings, especially from the Journey. Please welcome to the Titan stage, Randy and Jeff Allan!

We’re not easing them in either! Their initiation gig is a studio party on March 2, followed by gigs at thee Hilltop Pub, The Leaf Bar and Grill, Rangeton Farmers Day, and more!

Your humble writer and bass player has a love affair with the Okanagan. Exploring the sites and especially the wineries and soaking up sun in Osoyoos is a favourite pass time in the summer. Well, a bucket list event is coming up where D and T will perform at what is sure to be our flagship event for the summer at a music festival in Summerland on June 1. Your humble bass player may just have to retire after that! Thank you David for scoring that gig!

Wish us luck and success with our new lineup throughout all of 2019!

titan promo-I 2019.jpg

2018 is closing and it's been an awesome year!

Numerous festivals, pubs and clubs, and of course Titan Parties! It’s been a great year for David and the Titans.

Our latest adventures have taken us to Blakbar Rock Resto on Whyte. Playing with The Bad Guys, EG Edwards and Drive the Day.

We had the pleasure and honour of hosting Edmonton legends Darkroom in mid-November. this was a great concert with old fans satisfied and new fans made.

Just before that, Crown and Glory and Shockerfest friends, Crashing Lights joined us for another mayhem-ic night. Good lord, we gotta learn to shut down before 5 am!

Of course, performing live music is only part of the puzzle. D and T gets out to support our friends and the venues they play at too.

Polar Park Brewing Company is the latest live music venue in Edmonton and we had the pleasure of see diverse acts including Shred Kelly.

Starting the season right!

School’s back in and around these parts fall was about two days in August before winter set in! We love Edmonton, but really???

No matter the weather, we can heat things up at our studio parties! Supporting the local music scene and having a great time doing it make our mission worthwhile.

On September 15 we had the pleasure of hosting Slant Six and Pappa Rocca, celebrating Warren’s (Pappa Rocca) birthday. He wouldn’t reveal his age but he played with the enthusiasm of a teenager and drank like the seasoned old man he is!

Shocker indeed!

Two stages, 20 some bands, 10 hours of RAWK!

Shockerfest was awesome. Not a break to be had as the bands alternated stages like clockwork. I'd say it was the BEST coordinated event we've played at. Oh, and it was $20. Buck a band. Did I mention, we're whores???


Our busiest year yet has been even busier

Edmonton Band-Aid, Hilltop Pub, party at the studio, Rangeton Farmers' Day festival, Forrestburg Mud Bog... It has been a rocking year for the band!

Edmonton Band-Aid was put on in support of Little Warriors, a Canadian Charity. An all day event that kept you entertained with some of Edmonton's best Talent. Yeah, we fit that category LOL.

Rangeton Farmers' Day has become a highlight of our year, hearing some great acts and hanging out with friends.  Next year is the 25th anniversary and it is sure to be a big event!

Next up for us is Shockerfest, a pretty damned heavy mini festival put on by Darryl Buchanan. This year, he invades the Starlite Room in Edmonton and will have two stages going to ensure NON. STOP. ROCK!!!! See the poster here for details.



The old guys need a break!

2018 has already been David and the Titans' busiest year yet!

Since The Forge, we've been at Squires Social Hall twice and had our first party of the year.

Squires is a cool basement bar with great staff. We really enjoyed Dave Gould's hospitality there and they liked us enough to have us back in March. Look for us on March 15. And guess what? We'll be celebrating David's birthday that night, too!

Next up

- March 15 at Squires
- April 6 at Hilltop Pub with All Shades of Blue
- May 19 at Sly's Pig Roast
- May 26 at Titan Sound, Featuring Danny Coady and James Beaudry's 2018 solo show.
- June 9 at the Rangeton Farmers' Day Festival

A killer night with D & T and The Threads

We were pleased to be a part of the Edmonton Band-Aid Launch Party this past Saturday. Tony Ruffo put on a great event with David and the Titans and The Threads. The turn out was incredible and we enjoyed puttin' on the show for everyone. 

No worries if there was any legal trouble either; there were a lot of lawyers in the crowd thanks to workplace support for our drummer, Brad Smith.


Happy New Year and a busy January for the Titans!

We're all trusting that 2018 is shaping up the way you hoped.

Things are heating up for the Titans.  We just played as the guest act for the Sunday Night Jam on January 21, featuring the Tall Dark n Dirty Band. The Forge is a great venue with that dark, gritty rock n roll vibe: great stage and sound!

Up next, we're one of the acts at the Edmonton Band-Aid launch party at Fargo's Capilano.  On January 27, you can support Little Warriors and also the premiere event coming in April. Little Warriors is a Canadian charity dedicated to the awareness, prevention, and treatment of child sexual abuse, a very worthy cause.

Okay, slipping into February... February 1, we will join Stuck on Eleven for a show at Squire's Social Hall. Then! February 17 we will be hosting Mindwiser and Stella Fox for our first studio party of 2018.

We're looking forward to seeing you at any or all of the events!

Merry Christmas from the Titans!

David and the Titans kicked off the season with bang on December 9 with our annual Christmas party.  We got to enjoy the fresh sounds of The Threads, Boneyard, and All Shades of Blue, as well as your humble hosts.

The Threads and Boneyard brought original music to us and it is so invigorating to hear that kind of stuff coming from the local scene. Based on a discussion with Rik from Boneyard, they like having a place they can deliver from their hearts. Titan will always welcome original music!

Not to belittle our cover compatriots, All Shades of Blue brought a very soulful, energetic suite of popular tunes to close the night.  There's a lot of talent in that band! D and T are looking forward to sharing the stage with ASoB and Hell City Express in March at the Hilltop Pub.

David and the Titans wishes you all a very Merry Christmas and a rocking good New Year!


November Shenanigans!

We had a great show (aren't they all great show's) at Fargo's Capilano in Edmonton on Nov 10. Tony Ruffo was hosting a regular Friday night jam and David and the Titans were the feature act for the night. Starting things off with a folky acoustic solo set was Carrie Day. Such a lovely voice.

We picked it up at 8:30 and held the crowd with our catchy all-original songs.

Then, on November 26, we were honored to be asked to headline a post-Grey Cup party at Rendezvous Sports Pub.  On the bill with us were Our Abandon from Edmonton and Alone I Walk from Winnipeg.

Both of our new friends' bands brought their own brand of significant talent to the stage, delivering some great original music. David and the Titans really appreciate original music.

David and the Titans host a GGW Halloween Bash!

Titan Sound and David and the Titans want to thank everyone for a perfect rocking Girls Gone Wild Halloween Bash this past weekend.

We had exceptional performances from

***Storming Alice***

***Hell City Express***

***Ella Mental And The StraitJackets***

and your hosts, ***David and the Titans***


It was a great night! and early morning!

Titan Sound helps celebrate The James Beaudry Band 5th Anniversary!

After a two month hiatus, Titan Sound came back strong on Sept 16.  David and the Titans were joined by Stuck On Eleven, Dystallis, and of course, The James Beaudry Band to celebrate 5 years and a recent CD from these hard rockers!

Due to a lineup change, TJBB averted a cancellation by quickly retooling to an unplugged, acoustic set and it turned out incredible. Our own Russ Thompson crafted an exceptional sound and TJBB delivered.

Dystallis came with their rapidfire metal and catchy tunes. Great!

D and T performed music from David Petovar's new CD and even had a guest appearance by our former drummer, Tyler Topa.

Stuck on Eleven is pretty new but delivered an excellent, danceable set of covers to finish off the night.

Showing off the night, Jason Forth and Fred Zepp from Dino Rock Radio were out.

Wellllll....almost. With all that talent, there had to be a jam, joined by noted Edmonton drummer, Jerry B. Vague.

A killer night!

A great cap to a glorious summer!

David and the Titans were invited to the Harvest Jam in Edson, Alberta for September 10 and we had an awesome day!

The sun shone brightly as we played our first planned afternoon show, courtesy of the town of Edson, the local Rotary Club, and a host of sponsors.  We had a great time sharing the stage with locals, Flex Bender, bringing their blend of covers and original tunes. It was a great complement to our all original set.  Thank you EDSON!!!!

To top it off...

We made the paper!

A note from David

Thank you to those who have followed the story of David and the Titans and the making of the album I recently completed. Off to Hollywood now to see what the next chapter will be. Stay tuned...

Triumphant Pre-Release of David Petovar's new CD!

It's not quite available yet as the release and distribution strategy is still being worked, but the record is done! 1000 hours of sweat and love went into this one and we're all hoping for the best for Dave.


A proud achievement in my life brought to you by a group effort. Produced by Rob Hewes with performances by David Ziggy Sigmund, Bobby Cameron, Louis Sedmak, Keith Retson-Spalding, Mixed by Paul Silveira, Evren Göknar - Mastering.  -DJP

A proud achievement in my life brought to you by a group effort. Produced by Rob Hewes with performances
by David Ziggy Sigmund, Bobby Cameron, Louis Sedmak,
Keith Retson-Spalding, Mixed by Paul Silveira, Evren Göknar - Mastering.


The cd is the set performed by David and the Titans. I would like to acknowledge the Titans for their role in bringing the songs I wrote to life on the stage well in advance of the recording process. Stuart Krahn, Jeremiah Rawling, Brad Smith, Tyler Evan.  -DJP

The cd is the set performed by David and the Titans.
I would like to acknowledge the Titans for their role in
bringing the songs I wrote to life on the stage well in advance of the recording process. Stuart Krahn, Jeremiah Rawling, Brad Smith, Tyler Evan.


The songs range from soft rock , folk rock , country rock, alt rock, pop rock to hard rock. It's Folk without the flowers, Country without the horse, Rock without the screaming.  -DJP  That's one full CD!  -SK

The songs range from soft rock , folk rock , country rock, alt rock, pop rock to hard rock. It's Folk without the flowers, Country without the horse, Rock without the screaming.


That's one full CD!


Canada Day at the Gas Pump and the Shaker's Roadhouse

One event fell through for us on Canada Day, but suddenly! another one fell in our lap and we were invited to play at the Gas Pump in downtown Edmonton.  Unusual showcase in that the first four acts were all original music! Very gratifying to see that happening!

That was followed in a week, on July 7, opening the night for The James Beaudry Band.  It was a great show as always, but freakishly hot! Despite the sweat, we look good ;)

Following that, we got to celebrate the birthday of our drummer, Brad Smith.  Wee hours...

Epic Event and EPIC song release!

This weekend marks two milestones!

First David and the Hosted our most successful event yet for the Ron Burgess Cancer Benefit.  We managed herd the cats of 5 bands presenting an awesome night of music!

More exciting is Dave receiving the first four mixed and mastered tracks from his upcoming CD. Check out the video for Shine The Light Down!

Ron Burgess Benefit

David Petovar and the Titans will be hosting a killer night of rock n roll on June 16 with 5 bands gracing the stage of Titan Sound, in support of and Edmonton country music veteran, Ron Burgess.

This will be probably the biggest event ever hosted here and definitely the biggest one this year!

Titans - burgess benefit.jpg

Rocking Rangeton Farmers Day Festival!

David and the Titans were thrilled to play the Rangeton Farmers Day Festival this past weekend, on June 10. We took the stage at near midnight to deliver our high energy original music from the new album and even were privileged to perform Lucky 7 on Sunday afternoon for a matinee.

The weather blessed us on Saturday, all but stopping the rain for the day and we got to enjoy meeting attendees and performers alike as we partied into the wee morning hours!

Many thanks to the organizers who fed us well, the other bands and the all ages audience who came to enjoy!

A busy Titan weekend!

David and the Titans were a busy bunch the weekend of April 21. 

Friday, we hosted the CD release party for The James Beaudry Band and the debut of Ella Mental and the StraitJackets..  It was a killer night: the busiest one we've had in a long time. People were excited for both of these guest acts!


All photo credits to Simone Melanie Antoine.

On Saturday, the Titans were proud to join Edmonton Band-Aid in support of Little Warriors.  It was a massive event with music from 3:30 until after midnight.  


All photo credits to Simone Melanie Antoine.